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Weed Control

Weed Management is a specialised service, whether it is treating noxious or environmental weeds with total non-selective or selective herbicides. We target problem weeds and minimise spray drift on to desired vegetation.

We understand chemicals and choose the most desirable herbicide that achieves the best result with the minimum risk to the environment, client and applicator.

The Pest Man can effectively control all weeds in a variety of situations including:

  • Domestic Clients & Semi Rural
  • Garden beds for Couch grass & general flat weeds
  • Lawns for all flat weeds including: Bindii, Clover & Dandelion.
  • Paving, Pathways & Driveways for all grasses & general weeds
  • Farmland & Hobby Farms for all noxious & declared weeds including Paterson’s Curse, Capeweed & Watsonia.