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Wasps & Bees


Though bees and  wasps are of a similar size and shape, you will easily be able to differentiate between the two by their colours.

The adult  Paper-Nest Wasp is about 15mm long, of slender build and generally black to orange-brown with numerous yellow marks and bands. The sting is painful and causes local swelling. Unlike honey bees, Paper- Nest Wasps, are able to use their stings repeatedly and can penetrate light clothing. Nestin occurs in spring but it is during summer and autumn that the peak of activity occurs.

paper wasp
Bees display a dull shade of yellow or a golden brown colour. Bees also have black stripes around their body, however bees do not have the black dot characteristics of the wasp. Unlike the wasp that has yellow legs, bees have black legs. This is probably the easiest way to differentiate between the two. bee

The Paper-Nest Wasp's nest is easily recognised. It consist of a cone or flattened disc made by the queens using scraped wood fibres mixed with saliva to form a coarse grey-brown paper-like material. This is then suspended from well sheltered branches of trees or shrubs, or from the eaves of houses and sheds.

Bees often nest in tree or wall cavities and can nest in compost bins and cavities such as old suitcases. Bees are not aggressive and will go about their day to day duties unless they feel threatened or are under attack. Try to avoid the flight path of swarming bees and wasps. Both bees and wasps are best left to their own devices.

wasp nest