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Many people have a fear of spiders and in Perth we have a few species that are dangerous enough to warrant some attention. Spiders are part of our environment and have an important role to play in the control of insects in and around our homes but when there is an infestation or there are small children to worry about it may be time to take action. 

Our Pest Man will carry out an inspection of the property and ensure areas such as roof voids, crevices, mail boxes and other commonly accessed areas. Once spiders have established themselves it is difficult to get rid of them without professional help.

Red-back Spider

  • These are widespread in Australia, found most often in warm, dry areas (like Perth).
  • Found in letter-boxes, under fence capping, rafters, outside toilets and on metal objects like garden tools
  • The Red-back Spider matures from September to March.
  • The bite of a female guarding her egg-sacs is particularly venomous
  • Can cause the death of a small child in a few hours


Red Back Spider

Black House Spider

  • Prefers a dry, temperate climate and is common in Perth
  • Constructs a lace-like web with a tubular retreat in rockeries, dry bark of trees, around eaves, verandahs & windows.
  • It seldom bites humans but the bite is venomous and can cause illness
Black House Spider

White-Tailed Spider

  • Widespread in Australia, this spider usually lives outdoors amongst wood or dry debris or under objects
  • They often wander enter houses, especially during summer, sometimes sheltering in temporary tubular silk sacs
  • Bite is often not felt, sometimes painful, not always causing ill effects. Occasionaly more serious symptoms can develop


white tailed spider